Facebook: good or bad

December 3, 2009

More than seventy five percent of my time on the computer is spent on facebook. When I am bored and lonely I look to Facebook to see what my peers have been up to by surfing their pages and photos. Most people will tell you that the site is a way to keep in touch with friends or to share pictures, but for me it is a way to occupy time. I enjoy getting friend requests and seeing what my buddies are up to while I flip through photos of ex girlfriends to see who they are hanging out with. Its a nice way to occupy your mind like a movie or a tv show but no one ever seems to ask the question of wether or not Facebook or these other social networking sites are good for our society?
Facebook and Myspace are great because they allow people to get in touch and reconnect. Many people find each other after decades of separation through these sites and are able to come together. My fifty year old uncle has reconnected with several close college friends that he had lost touch with. He admits this never would have been possible without a online social network and because of facebook he has his best friends back into his life.
Another example of why Facebook is a positive thing is that it can bring people with common interests from all over the world together. Lets face it nothing like these online social networks has ever existed, its amazing that you can chat and share infromation with someone on the opposite side of the world. I stay in touch with a good friend of mine from Belgium because of Facebook and we have both discussed that without it then we would never talk. Facebook allows me to chat with her every day and without this social networking site that would surely be impossible. You can find things in common with people all around the world
Personally I have never truly read to much into to this question until i considered as a topic for my personal blog post. I always blindly posted pictures and divulged information on Facebook and myspace without ever giving the idea a second thought, but now I see why a large majority of people view these networking sites as a bane on the fabric of society. Facebook is a great site but it has some downsides for sure.
One major downside of Facebook and other social networks is that it contributes to the downfall of human interaction. With email, text messages and Facebook it is a rare thing to ever interact face to face anymore. We are so used to technology allowing us to talk without ever saying a word that when we are put in positions were we need to make eye contact with another person we start texting while we talk or find it difficult to look that person in the eye. Facebook is contributing to our society recent inept social behavior.
Another problem with Facebook is that it is starting to become less and less secure. Countless times I have gotten friend requests from people who clearly are not who they claim to be but regardless got a facebook. At first I thought Facebook was great because unlike myspace I did not have to worry about getting molested every time I went on my webpage. Now though Facebook is being breached and is becoming increasingly more dangerous.
Personally I enjoy Facebook but I understand why it is controversial. It is up to the individual who uses these social networking sites to asses the risks and determine wether or not they are worth using.


FW10: dinner party

November 17, 2009

The three people i would invite to my dinner party are Chris Farley, Dr. seuss and Bob Marley. I think this group would give me a combination of word play, humor and relaxation that few could match. I could have gone with intellectuals or engaging people but what fun would that be? I want to see Dr.seuss smoke pot with Bob Marley while Chris farley tears apart the buffet cracking jokes. Me and Farley would kick back and watch Seuss and Marley make rhymes while we all enjoyed our dinner.

INF: Research question

November 10, 2009

What I am going to write about for my essay is should cell phones be banned in cars. Many argue that using a cell phone while driving raises the chances for getting in a accident. Many people are quick to counter argue that it should be a citizens choice in wether or not he drives while talking on a cell phone and its no ones place to say you cannot.

-there are many statistics that support the idea that driving while on the cell phone is dangerous
– People argue that alot of things in a car are just as distracting as most cell phones.
-passengers are less distracting than cell phones

Sammy sosa what happened?

November 10, 2009

DId anyone else see the recent photo of Sammy Sosa? He looks like a zombie version of his former self. I mean come on he used to be the homerun king and the face of the cubs. Now he is just another washed up celebrity, or should I say dug up?alg_sosa-then-now

Lets get ready to….make a ton of money

November 10, 2009

Michael Buffer the voice behind the fighting movies (rocky), the title fights and the video games has recently priced his fortune at 400 million dollars. This man has made a franchise out of five words, ” lets get ready to rumble” and his great voice to the point were is worth more money than most professional athletes. He has literally turned a catch phrase into almost half a billion dollars and has been in everything boxing affiliated for thirty years. This man is living the American dream ladies and gentlemen. michael_buffer

TwitterPeek: A $99 handheld for Twitter, and only Twitter

November 4, 2009

This new cell phone looking gadget literally is only used for checking your twitter status? The twitter peek is simple there is not texting, calling, camera or anyway to check your email it is simply just for twitter. I dont understand why anyone uses twitter to begin with, but why would you shell out 100 bucks for a stupid little toy that only allows you to go on twitter? Lets face it if you buy this you have a little problem with twitter and probably need to slow down. Im gonna propose a counter idea to this little toy. how about instead of spending 100 bucks on this thing you give the money to me and I will take you out back and beat the crap out of you for even considering buying the twitterpeek. Either way your wasting your money and at least if you give the money to me you wont feel like a loser for having bought the twitterpeek.twitterpeek

INF:Myth of boring topic

November 3, 2009

Book turned into movie: should the author of a book have a say in the making of a movie?

usb cord: should colleges/coaches/teachers be able to punish students/athletes for pictures posted on the web

Menu: should restaurants post the nutritional facts in places for customers to see?

Las Vegas Post card: should minors be able to meander around Vegas?

CD: should CDs still be made?or should itunes be the only means of music publication?

TV guide: Do dvrs increase TV viewers? Does on demand attract tv watchers?

candy: should nutritional facts be placed on each piece of candy, especially “fun size” candies.

cards: should minors be able to play “free” poker and other casino like games on the internet

change: should it still be used?

baseball: instant replay should it be utlilized?

flim: should we be using simply digital film?

playing cards: should gambling be legalized outside of casinos?

FW8:Hot Topic

November 3, 2009

What pisses me off the most is Guidos. Guidos are italian guys that wear lots of hair gel, cologne, chains and diamond earrings. They love fast3470046229_8421572b3b cars such as mustangs and cammaros, all the while thinking they are gods gift to earth. They are a infectious breed that pollutes are cities, towns and communities. They talk with boston or long island accents and go around trying to get in everyones face. I just want to walk by and mind my own business but no they have to say or insinuate something that will get me to freak out. They are the type of guys that have spray on tans in the winter and get their nails done. They are so over the top ridiculous that it drives me crazy.

FW:8 my favorite halloween costume

October 22, 2009

thomas the tank engineMy favorite halloween costume was when I was Thomas the Tank engine in the 1st,2nd and 3rd grade. I loved Thomas and when my mom tryed to make me be a vampire i threw a tantrum until she brought out my costume. till this day thomas always has a special place in my heart.

FW7: What I want to be when I grow up

October 20, 2009

20060822190727_clownWhen i grow up I want to be either an astronaut or a rodeo clown. Both professions seem equally interesting but I believe the rodeo clown is the job that commands more respect. I mean after all it takes a real man to dress up in make up to begin with, let alone jump in a ring with a raging bull. I considered being a astronaut for a while but I think that would just be the easy way out for me considering NASA is the new FEMA. While i hope my high priced hobart education will be enough for me to qualify for the rodeo clown profession, sadly I know it will not be. So I will have to look into some good graduate schools in order to pursue my dream. Either way things are looking on the up and up for Alexander Grant James.